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How to Clean

Cleaning the Plenty Vape

Cleaning the Plenty Vape is not at all an undertaking, and actually pretty routine when it comes down to it. Of course you want to make sure the unit is cooled down and off before you start to take it apart. The mouthpiece, upper and lower tubing can all be separated from the cooling coil with a quick tug and twist while the herb chamber itself detaches with a twist as does its respective halves, thereby revealing any would-be vaping material. Continue reading How to Clean

Tips and Tricks

Be sure not to block the vent on the bottom of the Plenty Vape to avoid any overheating.

Before Using the Plenty Vape

The whip tubing and cooling coil is actually flexible. I know it doesn’t really look or feel like it is, but you can stretch or form the whip however you want. Most prefer the upward spiral that it comes in, but experiment with some other ways or forming it, you might find a more pleasurable vaporizing experience.

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Plenty vs. VapeXhale Cloud

Similar, yet different, the Plenty Vape and VapeXhale have drawn comparisons between each other constantly.

I’ve been using my VapeXhale Cloud pretty much non stop since I got it about two months back. Shortly after though is when I got my hands on the Plenty and I was switching off between the two for a while. Below I did some comparisons between the two to give everyone an idea of how these two vapes stack up against each other.

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