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Cleaning the Plenty Vape

Cleaning the Plenty Vape is not at all an undertaking, and actually pretty routine when it comes down to it. Of course you want to make sure the unit is cooled down and off before you start to take it apart. The mouthpiece, upper and lower tubing can all be separated from the cooling coil with a quick tug and twist while the herb chamber itself detaches with a twist as does its respective halves, thereby revealing any would-be vaping material.

I recommend dislodging the screens using the back end of the little brush that is included with the unit as it seems to be the easiest and most delicate way to remove them from their housing.

You wanna push down on the top screen down and in, while doing just the opposite for bottom screen affixed to the cylinder. Real easy stuff. Just take your time and apply that gentle even pressure. You should have no trouble if you use the brush and push in the right direction.

So now that we’ve got it apart, it’s time to dunk, soak, and dislodge. Let’s start by Filling a container with isopropyl alcohol and another with warm soapy water. I’ve heard of folks using dish soap for the latter, but for me, it too often will end up leaving a residue and subsequent taste on certain pieces that is anything but preferable. I myself opt for bar hand soap, but the choice is yours. Just don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

Although it doesn't get dirty often, keep up on cleaning the screen under the chamber.
Although it doesn’t get dirty often, keep up on cleaning the screen under the chamber.

Place the cooling coil and the screens in the alcohol and just let them sit for a good few hours or even overnight if you so desire. You may very well need to scrub the screens with the brush as they’re soaking to really get the grime off, but it should pose little difficulty with the alcohol assisting.

The upper and lower tubing, mouthpiece and herb chamber all are going to go into the soapy water in a similar manner, though you’ll want to use a piece of cotton or a Q-tip to remove any latent gunky debris and help the soap get them sparkling again for future usage.

Be sure to thoroughly soak and rinse all parts in regular water when the cleaning is finished, paying special attention to flushing out the inside of the cooling coil. Once dry, reassemble the parts, and you’re ready to rock. Just be sure to regularly brush those screens intermittently between uses, and when you notice the flavor really starts to diminish consistently during vaping, or the build-up is winning the battle in spite of your best efforts, it’s time to pull the ol’ girl apart and get down to the business once again.

Check out the Plenty vaporizer
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  • James Clander

    That’s bullshit re cleaning the Coil — Even if totally submerged in alcohol because of the shape some part of the coil would not get cleaned. High grade alcohol is ALSO very hard to obtain here in Australia & in Most States in USA. So how do you clean it ?

    • Thonk

      … no it isn’t have you searched online or at a chemist?

  • Thonk

    Does the tub of alcohol not evaporate?