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Review of: Plenty
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Storz & Bickel
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On May 18, 2012
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The Plenty vaporizer truly is the power vaporizer. The name Plenty does not quite explain just how massive the clouds of delicious vapor generated by this power tool gone awry can produce. Although it is not portable it is easily one of the most efficient, effective, and easy to use vaporizers on the market at any price.

Storz & Bickel, the creators of the legendary Volcano Vaporizers, have returned with the brand new Plenty Vaporizer. Here’s my review:Being as a big a fan of the Volcano as I am, I knew I absolutely had to pick this vape up. I always thought they would just develop a whip attachment for the Volcano, but making a whole new vaporizer entirely I did not expect. Let’s dig in and see what the Plenty Vape is all about.

The packaging is very familiar if you have seen the packaging the Volcano comes in. It has the same color scheme and writing, just in a flat box. When I cracked the box open I saw what looked more like a belt sander than a vaporizer. You’ll really think it looks like a power tool. This isn’t a bad thing, it looks menacing in the best sort of way.

The design is basically tall and skinny, as opposed to the Volcano’s short and fat design. On the front is a temperature display that shows what temperature the Plenty is at at any given time. There is also an orange light below the temp gauge that will illuminate when the Plenty is heating up and then turn off when it has reached temperature.

On the handle of the Plenty you’ll notice there is kind of an orange trigger. This needs to be held in when the Plenty hits its target temperature or else the auto shut off will kick in after 90 seconds. So basically you have to have the trigger held in while vaporizing to make sure it doesn’t start cooling down. When you hold it by the handle you naturally hold the trigger anyway. If you see the temp gauge dropping just hold the trigger and it will start heating up again.

Professional packaging you would expect from Storz & Bickel.

On the left side of the Plenty you will find the temperature dial. This small dial goes from 1 through 7 and lets you select different heat levels that represent different temperatures. This makes it an easy way to set and forget once you find the best temp level for you. Also the power switch is located here as well. When you switch it to the on position you’ll see the light glow orange, letting you know it is on and ready to go.

The Plenty does not stand up straight, even though it looks like it might. The reason for this is located at the bottom is a vent that works to disperse extra heat so the Plenty doesn’t heat up too much.

On top is probably the most noticeable piece of the Plenty, the vapor whip. The reason it sticks out so much is the aluminum looking coil that surrounds the tubing. This is called the “cooling coil” which basically keeps the tubing cold so it helps cool your vapor even more than your standard whip normally would.

At the bottom of the whip was the herb chamber, which is a dual screen chamber. The top part that is attached to the whip and the bottom part separate by twisting to reveal the chamber. I packed the chamber to the point where my material covered the entire bottom part of the screen and then connected the top part. With the whip assembled and packed I then connected it to the top of the Plenty.

I started off at heat level 4, which is just a little higher than the middle setting. After adjusting the dial you could see the orange light come on letting you know the Plenty was heating up. After about 2-3 minutes the Plenty was ready to go. My first pull from the Plenty delivered a HUGE, yet incredibly smooth vapor pull. Also the taste seemed to be just a little better than what I had experienced using the same material in other vaporizers.

At the end of the session, pump the Plenty up to level 7 to get every last bit out of your material.

No matter how big of a pull I took it was never harsh. I’m left to assume that this is the cooling coil doing its job correctly. I was pulling from the same pack for honestly well over an hour. I stirred it half way through, which only helped. I have to say this was one of the longest lasting packs from a vaporizer I have ever experienced.

Playing with draw speeds with the Plenty can change your experience as well. The harder you pull the thicker of a vapor pull you are going to get. I tended to take long and hard pulls because that got me the results I was looking for.

Emptying the Plenty was as easy as packing it. When I twisted the chamber apart the material dumped out no problem and the included cleaning brush took care of anything else that was sticking behind. This was only after one use, but I could tell, just like the Volcano, that the Plenty would not be high maintenance.

The Plenty Vape is basically what you would expect coming from Storz & Bickel, a super high quality vaporizer that won’t let you down and delivers quality reserved for a Storz product.

Check out the Plenty vaporizer
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