Free Shipping, Herb Storage Jar, and Coupon Code Deal!

Check out the Plenty vaporizer

I thought it would only be proper if I shared with you the sweet deal I got when buying the Plenty Vape.

Over at they are offering the Plenty Vape with free priority shipping (bout 2 days) shipped out the same day you order. The box and packaging are very well packed and completely discreet.

To sweeten the deal a bit more, use the coupon code 2502 at checkout and instantly get a substantial discount on your entire order like I did. Even if you are not looking to buy one right way its worth checking out the deal. The Plenty is pretty much the same price anywhere you go and its not easy to find a bargain. If you do find a better price EZVapes will match or beat it, so you really can’t lose when you buy this monster vape from them. See you in the clouds … Click here to check it out

Check out the Plenty vaporizer
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