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Check out the Plenty vaporizer
Be sure not to block the vent on the bottom of the Plenty Vape to avoid any overheating.

Before Using the Plenty Vape

The whip tubing and cooling coil is actually flexible. I know it doesn’t really look or feel like it is, but you can stretch or form the whip however you want. Most prefer the upward spiral that it comes in, but experiment with some other ways or forming it, you might find a more pleasurable vaporizing experience.

When you pack the herb chamber don’t be shy. I layer the entire bottom screen and then put even more on top. I found leaving the pad out while vaping and just adding more material gives you some really thick vapor, but the quality and smoothness still remains.

While Using the Plenty Vape

Always cap the mouthpiece with your thumb or finger. If you look at the mouthpiece closely while the Plenty is on you can actually see vapor creeping out of the mouthpiece. So if you aren’t constantly pulling you are slowly losing some precious vapor.

When you feel like your material is on its last legs after stirring one or multiple times, try turning your heat level up to max. You can usually get some nice pulls at the end if you do this.

When cleaned properly, the Plenty Vape’s herb chamber screen can last an extremely long time.

After Using the Plenty Vape

After turning off the Plenty be sure to give it some time to cool down before clearing the herb chamber or storing it away. Also make sure the vent on the bottom is not blocked, so that it can cool down properly.

When you clean out the herb chamber be sure to use the heavy duty brush that they include. Just dumping the material out is not going to do the trick, even if it looks like it did. Also be sure to really jam the brush into the edges around the chamber, both the bottom and top. That is the easiest place for used material to build up.

Check out the Plenty vaporizer
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  • Aaron

    What temperature is optimal with the plenty? I find that it’s different with every vape…

    • Chris

      I’ve always used mine at heat level 6 or 7, seems to really get the most out of your herb.

    • John jj

      i use between 4-5 for herbs and 6-7 for hash

  • Achenbach

    I disagree on the “experiment with some other ways or forming [the whip cooling coil]”… it will break. One can make very slight adjustments for the original form, and perhaps some reforming, but it will break when you try to put it back. Plus, there is a functional reason why it is shaped that way – you know us Germans. I even think the manual specifically says not to. So, don’t.