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OK, so for today’s main event, we have the Extreme Q up against Plenty Vape. Let’s start the comparison on a practical note with their respective pricing, as this real world variable is a serious consideration when purchasing any type of amenity such as a vaporizer.

The Q, being a little older, is now down around 240 dollars. That’s darn good for a premium vape that has earned a solid rep over the long-term. Now consider the Plenty. A newer albeit very popular vape going for about 100 bucks or so more. Thus, the question then becomes, is the Plenty sufficiently advantageous to merit the extra c-note of capital? Read on and let’s find out.

Advantage: Extreme Q


The first thing I’m going to address concerning the features is one of the most obvious: the balloon functionality of the Q which is glaringly missing from the plenty. Now if you don’t balloon that often, or you’re just a whip-per snapper type, than I’d say this is a non-issue, as it was for me. But if you like to have big misty bags of vapor as an option, then this could very well be a deciding factor for you.

One advantage the Extreme Q has over the Plenty is the digital temperature display.
One advantage the Extreme Q has over the Plenty is the digital temperature display.

It all lies in the individual’s preference, but should be clearly noted herein for the purposes of this article. With all that being said, the whip attachment on the Plenty was far superior to its counterpart’s in my eyes. But the Q will still win the category as it offers a whole other dimension of vaping that is starkly absent from the Plenty.

Advantage: Extreme Q


Next up is the mobility question. Now they both plug, but the Plenty is going to be the more versatile choice here as it does have the portability factor to it that allows one to chill back and have it right tucked in close. The Extreme Q is going to be stationary at all times on a flat surface and will in turn, draw you into it’s reach in order to make use of it. The cord on the Plenty is long and agreeable, and it really crosses over into the handheld realm due to certain details such as this.

While the same can’t be said of the Q, it does have a swivel on the whip for extremely easy group use, and it also has a remote control that will let you toggle many of its controls without having to manually make an adjustment to the device. It’s obviously not without its own little perks and definitely holds its own against just about any vape.

A quick note on aesthetics as I wouldn’t put this on the main list of determining factors. The Q easily reigns supreme here. It’s sleek styled lines along with the soft blue glowing lighted base handily outmatches the 1940s ray-gun b-movie theme of the Plenty’s visual presentation. The Plenty can seem awkward to even look at while the Q simply says you’re a Cappo. No contest here, unless you’re the campy/kitschy type who likes the throwback silliness. Then I’d say the Plenty will be a whole lot more fun to use and wield, as it were.

Advantage: Plenty Vape

Vapor Quality

Lastly we get down to the critical factor of vapor quality and consistency. Now up front, strictly speaking, they both produce solid dependable vapor, hands down. But the Plenty seems to edge out the Q here when you get right down to the specifics of vaping experience. For this we’re going to examine the actual herb chambers and draw the reasoning behind our conclusions from there.

The cooling coil on the Plenty works much better than the Q's standard whip.
The cooling coil on the Plenty works much better than the Q’s standard whip.

The Q has a much shorter circumference on it’s herb chamber and it has a greater depth to it while the Plenty has a very wide-berthed surface area, and a bit shallower of a compartment. This is going to allow the Plenty to get a greater, more even vaporization of material each and every time as more material is exposed to the heated currents or air, and thus, a greater degree of consistently saturated vaporization is going to transpire.

The cooling coil also seems to play a noticeable part in keeping the temp further down on the released vapor. The Q doesn’t have any such feature and so temperature may vary a bit more as a result.

Advantage: Plenty Vape


Overall, there really is no wrong choice here. Is the Plenty worth the extra money? For certain reasons listed above, in my book, yes. But that assertion rests on the sole discrimination of the end user and not your humble narrator penning this informative comparison. The similarities and differences have been made apparent, and so, whichever seems to give you the most of what you’re looking for is probably the best bet. Happy vapin’!

Check out the Plenty vaporizer
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