Plenty vs. VapeXhale Cloud

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Similar, yet different, the Plenty Vape and VapeXhale have drawn comparisons between each other constantly.

I’ve been using my VapeXhale Cloud pretty much non stop since I got it about two months back. Shortly after though is when I got my hands on the Plenty and I was switching off between the two for a while. Below I did some comparisons between the two to give everyone an idea of how these two vapes stack up against each other.

Vapor Quality

The VapeXhale uses a “hydra tube” water tool attachment to add water filtration to your vapor before inhalation. Water filtration can only help your vapor and the Cloud Vape definitely delivers some very nice vapor. The only thing is that when using the Cloud I really have to draw hard to get the huge vapor pulls I want. I know it doesn’t sound like a huge deal, but I mean you really have to draw hard. So you can get some really excellent vapor quality from the VapeXhale, you just really have to work for it.

The Plenty Vaporizer on the other hand has a “cooling coil” that surrounds the whip tubing. It essentially cools the vapor before it reaches the mouthpiece, more so then if the cooling coil were not there. Also with the Plenty if anything you have to draw slower than normal because if you take a huge pull you might overwhelm yourself with vapor. The draws from the Plenty are huge to say the least and the fact that it is still cool and smooth is an added bonus.

Advantage: Plenty Vape


The VapeXhale’s main body has a very solid aluminum build inside and out. You wouldn’t have any problems with that part, however, the glass hydra water tool piece is where you might run into some trouble. It makes the whole thing just a little less durable because you really have to babysit it and make sure you don’t knock it over. I’ve knocked it over twice onto a table surface and it didn’t break or crack, but I know my luck won’t last too long.

With the Plenty you have a solid polycarbonate build with the vapor whip up top. The whip is especially durable because of the cooling coil and the rest of the vape is just as tough. To break, crack or damage the Plenty you would actually have to forcefully throw it against the ground and why you would do that I would not know. So unless you have a psycho girlfriend/boyfriend who is jealous of all the attention your Plenty is getting over them you should be fine.

Advantage: Plenty Vape

The Plenty has the smaller cooling coil/whip while the VapeXhale uses a water tool attachment on top.

Heat Up Time

With the VapeXhale you are looking at a bit of a wait as far as heat up time. In my experience, the VapeXhale Cloud takes at least 5 minutes to heat up. It isn’t a huge deal, but if you are someone who wants to vape on the drop of a dime you will be less than pleased.

The Plenty takes right around 3 minutes to reach temperature. It’s pretty standard for any table top vape to take around 2 to 3 minutes so the 3 minute heat up time is pretty standard. Nothing to rave about, but also nothing to complain about either.

Advantage: Plenty Vape

Cooling Coil vs Hydra Tube

The VapeXhale’s hydra tube water tool attachment no doubt delivers some great vapor that is both cool and smooth. I mentioned before you do have to draw very hard, but you still get a vapor quality that is only reserved for a vape with water filtration.

The cooling coil on the Plenty definitely does its job. You will find that the vapor really is just a bit cooler than it would have been had it just been drawn through a standard whip. The Plenty gives larger vapor pulls with less resistance on the draw, but the Cloud’s water filtration makes it hard to ignore.

Advantage: Push

Bottom Line

In the end both are really amazing vaporizers. I ended up using my Plenty a lot more because it was less maintenance, no changing water, and I’m able to get the huge quality pulls I am looking for in a vaporizer with much less work.

Check out the Plenty vaporizer
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