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Check out the Plenty vaporizer
Everything that comes with your brand new Plenty Vaporizer. Thing is a beast.

Buying Tips When Shopping for the Plenty Vaporizer

  • When shopping online for the Plenty Vape be sure that you do research on the site you are buying from just as thoroughly as you’ve done research on the Plenty. I always call ahead of time and speak to a representative because I feel like it is a great barometer for what the entire ordering process will be like. I don’t think it is too much to ask for a website to employ not just a friendly rep, but also an informative one. If you get a rep who has tried the Plenty that is even better.
  • Look around the website for customer comments and reviews. Not just on the Plenty Vape page, but all over their site. A lot of times you can find some comments about the products themselves as well as some insight on what their experience was like. You can also find some good vendor reviews online from vaporizer blogs that review their personal experience.

Best Place to Buy the Plenty Vape

The site I got my Plenty Vape from is EZVapes.com. You’ve probably heard of them before. I compared them with a few other well known companies before I ordered but ultimately made my decision when I called them. I spoke to a rep who walked me through his personal experience with the Plenty, comparing it to other vaporizers and basically explaining the ins and outs. You could tell he had a genuine interest that I get a vape that would be best for me personally, rather than just pushing some deal of the week or something on me. He wasn’t trying to wrestle my wallet out of my pocket and force the sale by any means and I appreciate that.

The deal they are offering on the Plenty Vape is definitely legit. You get free priority shipping that reaches you in 2-3 business days, I ordered on a Tuesday and had it Thursday. Needless to say I was psyched. They also throw in a free air tight glass herbal storage jar that has this small rewritable dry-erase-like top so you can mark your jar’s contents. The Plenty comes with a good quality grinder but they also have others to choose from if you need something a bit more industrial.

The Plenty is pretty much the same price anywhere you go but if you are smart enough to find a coupon code before ordering you can get a really great deal with little effort. Luckily for you I already did the dirty work and am going to hand you the promo code that I used to save some substantial cash. The code is 2502 and you have to enter it in the cart at EZVapes.com to get the discount. I can’t tell you just how much the coupon is for so you’ll have to try it out and see for yourself. The code also works for any other item on the site as well. You can thank me later. 😉

Check out the Plenty vaporizer
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